Houseboating Lake Powell is a reference book, visitor’s guidebook, and Lake Powell User Manual all in one book.  Through sheer repetition, and a common sense approach, we’ve learned how to have a fun-filled safe trip, while thoroughly enjoying the beauty and majesty of Lake Powell and the surrounding Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  We want to share our experiences with you and your family so that you also become a lifelong fan of Lake Powell.

Content Includes:

  • Introduction
  • Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Recreation Area
  • Preparing for Your Trip
  • Finding that Optimum Location
  • Anchoring Your Boat/Tying Knots
  • Being Good Neighbors
  • Meals with a Grocery List
  • Weather
  • Navigating the Lake
  • Marine Band Radio Usage
  • What to Do in an Emergency
  • Towing Your Boat or PWC
  • The Marinas
  • Fun Things to Do While On the Lake

Many families are looking for vacations that have “something for everyone”.   Taking a houseboating trip at Lake Powell is the ultimate family vacation that does exactly that – has something for everyone – young and old.

Make it easy on yourself and read this guide before you go.  You’ll reduce much of the anxiety and worry about houseboating, and be able to relax and enjoy your family and the amazing lake itself.


The authors and publisher do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, accidents, or any other cause.  The reader should consult all rental agreements and contracts, the National Park Service, and other authorities relating to boating/visiting the Glen Canyon Recreation Area. The reader of this book assumes full responsibility for his/her actions during a visit to Lake Powell.