Below is a list of the weeks that are available and the costs. If one week is not enough, select several available back-to-back weeks.

1.  A week = 1 share.  Each share includes 1 week in the summer and 1 week in the winter.  Each week is 7 nights.
2.  Annual Maintenance Fees are $2,500 per share. The fees cover the AA36 slip, which are higher than most due to the proximity of the houseboat row to shore. Also covered are the fees for repairs, overhauls, improvements, and insurance. There are no launching fees with the Southern Belle since she is in a slip. That is a savings of $800 – $1,500.
3.  Winter Weeks are subject to slight change in timeframes and must be reserved 90 days in advance of use.

Sorry, no weeks available.  Check back in 2022.